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Our Story


I started Wallets Plus in 1999. We were ecommerce pioneers at that time and the internet was a new concept for retailers.  The first wallets we sold were almost all Team Logo wallets manufactured by licensees for the NFL, MLB, Nascar and other pro and college teams.  Over the years we added several key vendors but we realized that to be relevant we needed to design and build more of our own products. We were no longer able to sell the Team Wallets at a fair price so we exited that business in 2021.

What you now see with our Wallets are almost exclusively our creations, we choose the designs, materials and features we know our customers are looking for in a wallet or accessory.  

This process results in premium products at a great price since we are the manufacturer.  We use factories in China and India for our products and also sell some made in America items from us and other vendors.  

Give us a try we know you will be happy with your wallet.  

Thanks for all the support over the years and welcome to our new Website!

Tim Carney